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Join Tom Brezsny of Brezsny Associates as he looks forward to the future to compile his top predictions for 2022’s booming real estate market.
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What lies ahead for real estate in 2022

Presented by Brezsny Associates

Tom Brezsny of Brezsny Associates looks forward to the future to compile his top predictions for 2022’s booming real estate market.

Nothing surprises me anymore. On New Year’s Eve, I was ruminating about the future of real estate when I received a mysterious invite for a midnight Zoom session for forward-thinking Realtors. Since I wasn’t doing much else, I figured why not.

At the stroke of twelve, the link went live and I was asked to disable my pop-up protection and share my screen. That’s when one of those eerie infinite mirror effects was triggered and a long series of cryptic messages began scrolling through the chat thread.

Predictions about the future? Real estate news courtesy of some Century 23 Agent traveling back in time? Or was a clever Nigerian Prince trying to hack my computer? Or maybe Zillow was just trying to penetrate my email and crawl my contacts? Who knows? You be the judge…

  • As global weather patterns continue to change, Realtors will begin marketing “ClimeShare” Properties that allow Midwesterners to trade weeks in their tornado alley homes with other folks wanting to take a break from California wildfires or East Coast polar vortexes or Gulf Coast hurricane hotspots.
  • California will begin selling lottery tickets for the right to view new listings in half hour increments before their offer dates. The windfall in state revenue will be earmarked for low income housing efforts.
  • Some California Counties will enact Right of Remorse statutes requiring a mandatory three day cooling off period between the time a home is viewed and an offer is written. In related legislation, Buyers will be required to spend at least one hour in any home before writing an offer on it.
  • Attempting to control the growing outward migration from California, Texas, Idaho and Montana will pass laws stipulating that u-haul trucks originating in California can only relocate to other blue states.
  • The Supreme Court will issue a landmark ruling on house porn and a national rating system will be created to warn consumers about house porn content. General Audience images will be suitable for Buyers with FICO scores below 680 and NC-17 content will be reserved for those with 800+ scores who can also show proof of funds to purchase.
  • A young ego-driven broker will begin selling one-of-a-kind custom listing videos as exclusive non fungible digital tokens (NFTs) after he discovers they’ll sell for more than the actual homes sell for.
  • Bear Grylls, noted survival celebrity, will host a new show on the Discovery Channel. Each episode will feature first time home buyers learning to survive the current real estate market.

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