Daily digital puzzles are now on Lookout

A collage of lookout puzzles

You can now get your daily puzzle fix on Lookout.

Beginning today, visit our Santa Cruz Puzzle Center to enjoy daily mini-crossword, Sudoku and Word Search puzzles — seven days a week. And you’ll find homegrown puzzles — all themed around things Santa Cruz County — soon as well.

Why puzzles?

Why now? Many have told us you like the expanding stream of originally reported local news and features we bring you each day. But many of you miss other things the old newspaper used to do so well. One of those things: puzzles.

We’ve found great partners, with an appropriate name — Bay Area-based Amuse Labs — to work with us on these puzzles. Enjoy them every day, and let us know what more you’d like to see. Write us anytime at news@lookoutlocal.com.

Easy-to-do phone based puzzles have now become our collective habit. Our friends at the New York Times adapted their classic crossword and built an impressive, and addictive, puzzle product, one that now has reached one million subscriptions. It’s become a daily habit, a relationship-building, competitive outlet for people across the globe to compare their times, call on friends for help, stretch one’s brain, and learn something new.

Click to play the puzzle of the day April 1
Click here to play to the puzzle of the day, April 1, 2022.

For now, the puzzle center will remain a free service for everyone. Bookmark the page or click in from Lookout newsletters to play daily.

We hope you enjoy this new addition to Lookout! Please share it with those you know who would get a kick out of a daily puzzle along with their local news.

Interested in submitting a Santa Cruz-themed puzzle? We’re currently looking for guest puzzle creators. Send us a note at membership@lookoutlocal.com to inquire and pitch your puzzle.

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