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Lookout believes that all students deserve to know deeply about the place they live in. For all UC Santa Cruz and Cabrillo students in Santa Cruz County, Lookout now offers free student memberships.

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If you are a Professor and want to use Lookout in your classroom, reach out the Jamie (Keil) Garfield, director of student engagement for more information, jamie@lookoutlocal.com.

Welcome Banana Slugs! This is your introduction to all things Santa Cruz. Enjoy, explore and learn about your new home.

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About Lookout’s Student Engagement Program

You, the readers of Lookout Santa Cruz, support Santa Cruz’s County’s biggest and fastest growing newsroom every day with your memberships. It is you who pay our growing roster of journalists to do their reporting for you. We know, though, that some people can’t afford to pay, so we have launched a major Student Engagement program in Santa Cruz County. We have asked donors to pay for student access, as Lookout provides a 90% discount for qualified students. Our call has been answered with great generosity, and we’d like to thank our initial donors:

Rowland & Pat Rebele, Linda Peterson, Carol & Doug Melamed, The UCSC Foundation Board Opportunity Fund, Santa Cruz Community Credit Union, & Turnip Top Foundation.

Each has generously supported delivering the news -- local news -- to Santa Cruz County’s students. Yet, our work is just beginning.

Lookout believes that all students deserve to know deeply about the place they live in.