Maestro Daniel Stewart (Credit: Anastasia Chernyavsky)
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Celebrate Remembrance & Rejuvenation as the Santa Cruz Symphony kicks off their 64th season

Presented by Santa Cruz Symphony

Join the Santa Cruz Symphony on October 23 & 24 as they celebrate the return of live performances at the Santa Cruz Civic and Mello Center for the Performing Arts with an all-strings concert featuring the music of Barber, Corelli, Tchaikovsky and Jessie Montgomery.


After nearly a year of halted productions, the Santa Cruz Symphony is excited to announce the return of live performances, starting with Remembrance and Rejuvenation at the Civic Auditorium and the Mello Center for the Performing Arts at Watsonville High School.

Remembrance & Rejuvenation

Daniel Stewart, Maestro and Music Director of the Symphony, looks forward to welcoming back audiences for a night of classical strings that’s sure to enlighten to community. The concert boasts iconic works such as Barber’s elegiac Adagio for Strings, 16th century fire from Arcangelo Corelli, Tchaikovsky’s rapturous masterpiece, the Serenade for Strings, and the contemporary brilliance of New York composer and Juilliard alum, Jessie Montgomery.

Jessie Montgomery
Jessie Montgomery (Credit: Santa Cruz Symphony)

Stewart eagerly awaits the arrival of in-person experiences again, stating “We have so much to be grateful for and to look forward to this season, featuring over 300 years of musical inspiration and innovation, and performed by your world class Santa Cruz Symphony.”

“As musical artists, I believe we have a unique opportunity and responsibility to build and strengthen bridges by providing invaluable experiences into our most cathartic journeys and compassionate selves. It was therefore essential to me that we meet this moment and our re-emergence with ever greater purpose through our programming and collaborations. I hope you will find delight in fond memories and surprises alike, and listen deeply with us as we remember, discover, celebrate, and bring transformative moments to life, together, as one.”

remembrance & rejuvenation

Remembrance & Rejuvenation will take place on October 23 at the Civic Auditorium in Santa Cruz at 7:30 PM, and October 24 at the Mello Center in Watsonville at 2:00 PM. Tickets are available for purchase online at or by calling (831) 420-5260.