Misery loves company: Locals take to social media to share stories of the approaching monster storm of ’23

Flooded farmers fields near Watsonville as storms rolled into the region Wednesday, January 4, 2023.
(Kevin Painchaud / Lookout Local)

The world of social media has lost a lot of oxygen over the last few years. But despite its ugly side and its damaging effects in many arenas, the social media sphere is still essential in an emergency.

As Santa Cruz County — and most of Northern California — hunkers down for an uncertain night, we’ll share some posts and contributions from people in the storm’s path, which is all of us. Some of it is sharing vital information. Some of it is to show some of the storm’s worst effects. But much of it is just reaching out to others to feel a little less alone.

The storm arrives with nightfall in the Santa Cruz Mountains:

National Weather Service says the worst is still to come:

Is anyone going to get any sleep tonight?

The storm moves in:

We live in an age of miraculous (and very scary) graphics:


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