Michelle and Dennis, a local couple in Santa Cruz, recently shared their nostalgic memories of shopping at Shopper’s Corner. The couple fondly remembers shopping with their families and enjoying the friendly atmosphere of the market.

“I remember shopping here with my parents and always looked forward to getting a cookie from the butchers!” Michelle exclaimed. Dennis shared similar memories, stating, “Shopper’s has always been a good family shopping experience: The checkers and butchers have always taken the time to smile and chat with kids; this helps them relax as they feel acknowledged.”

Our little Andy is a fifth-generation shopper; his late, great-great grandma, Stella Swegles, shopped at Shopper’s Corner too! — Dennis and Michelle Webb

In addition to the welcoming atmosphere, the couple also praised the quality of the products at Shopper’s Corner. “Shopper’s is what shopping locally is all about. They have everything the chains have while offering fresher foods at top quality, fair pricing, and again, the friendliest people,” Michelle explained.

When it comes to cooking, the couple enjoys classic American dishes with a twist. They particularly enjoy the butcher counters sausages, skirt and porterhouse steaks, and Michelle’s specialty – seared, blue cheese-encrusted New York steaks. The couple also praised Shoppers selection of local and organic produce, which they use to create delicious salads.

Shoppers Corner
Credit: Paul Eisenberg

During the holiday season, Michelle and Dennis always plan to shop at Shopper’s Corner for their holiday meals. “Thanksgiving, we’ll get a Diestel turkey plus all the fixings: stuffing mix, fresh greens, potatoes for mashing, pie ingredients, good wines and more,” Michelle said. “Christmas, we’ll enjoy Shopper’s hams, a special-occasion prime rib, and our family’s favorite broccoli casserole recipe.”

Michelle and Dennis believe that holiday food shopping at Shopper’s Corner is a wonderful community experience for both longtime locals and new residents alike. With its friendly atmosphere and quality products, Shopper’s Corner is truly a gem in the Santa Cruz community.

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Get to know Dennis and Michelle Webb

Dennis Webb, 25-Year Customer, Santa Cruz
Occupation: Registered Professional Forester, Big Creek Lumber
Hobbies: Spending time as a family, home-improvement projects, landscaping, smoking ribs, hiking, visiting local parks and reading to Andy

Michelle Webb, 28-Year Customer, Santa Cruz
Occupation: Marketing Manager, Big Creek Lumber
Hobbies: Family adventures, cooking, hiking, visiting the beach, gardening, swimming with baby Andy and introducing him to the world

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