In the heart of Santa Cruz lies a grocery store that offers more than just groceries. Shopper’s Corner, a beloved community supermarket, is a place where convenience meets community. Today, we meet Katie and Joe, two dedicated patrons who share their impressions and culinary experiences.

Shoppers Spotlight Joe Thompson and Katie Fick

Katie, originally from upstate New York, fondly remembers her first steps into Shopper’s Corner. It felt like stepping into a familiar place. Unlike larger stores that can overwhelm, this corner grocery store exudes coziness and a strong sense of community. Joe, accustomed to navigating bigger supermarkets, was initially taken aback by the store’s size. However, he soon realized that everything they needed was thoughtfully organized for easy access.

Both Katie and Joe are passionate about supporting local businesses, a value deeply ingrained in Shopper’s Corner, which proudly showcases local products and maintains strong ties with nearby growers and suppliers.

Shopper’s is super convenient — you never wait in long lines. They’ll call another checker if a checkout line builds up. — Joe Thompson

What truly sets Shopper’s Corner apart, according to Katie and Joe, is its commitment to local products. From cookies and ice creams to eggs, bread, bagels, coffees, and more, the store is a treasure trove of Santa Cruz flavors. Joe encourages everyone to check it out, emphasizing its uniqueness in the market. Katie adds that for the ultimate Santa Cruz experience, Shopper’s Corner is the place to be, where you’ll stumble upon countless hidden treasures while strolling its inviting aisles.

Joe stresses the importance of supporting local businesses, emphasizing the feel-good aspect of spending money within the community. Katie echoes this sentiment, appreciating Shopper’s Corner for its variety, service, quality, and reasonable pricing. Their recent visit to the store was filled with warm smiles from employees, a testament to the friendly and welcoming atmosphere Shopper’s Corner provides. As for the meat department, Joe states – “the guys there are top-notch.” So, if you’re in Santa Cruz and seeking a shopping experience that combines convenience, community, and culinary inspiration, make your way to Shopper’s Corner. It’s more than just a supermarket; it’s a local gem that connects people, flavors, and traditions.

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Get to know Joe Thompson and Katie Fick

Joe Thompson, 1-Year Customer, Santa Cruz
Occupation: Chiropractor, Rhythm Health & Performance
Hobbies: Surfing, mountain biking, volleyball, working out, reading, barbecuing.

Katie Fick, 1-Year Customer, Santa Cruz
Occupation: Google Business Partner
Hobbies: Mountain biking, trail running, hiking, snowboarding, volleyball, reading, rock climbing, cooking.

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Shopper’s recipe of the week

Garlic Rosemary Lamb Shoulder Chops


• 4 lamb shoulder chops
• 6 garlic cloves
• 1/2 oz fresh rosemary
• 2 tbsp oil
• Salt to taste
• Pepper to taste


  1. Add the seasoning to the lamb shoulder chops and leave it to marinate for at least an hour.
  2. Preheat a skillet on high heat.
  3. Remove all seasoning from the chops and add them to the skillet.
  4. Cook for about 6 minutes on each side.
  5. Let the chops rest for about 5 minutes before serving.
  6. Lamb Shoulder Chops are best served. with Mashed Potatoes and Garden Salad.

Shopper's corner store hours: 7am-8pm