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Sacramento needs fixing. Republican Vicki Nohrden argues she is the one to do it. A businesswoman and nonprofit director, she wants to create a more competitive, business-friendly environment in California by reducing taxes and bureaucracy. Less red tape, she argues, will also allow us to build more affordable housing and help solve water and climate change issues.

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I decided to run for State Assembly because Sacramento politicians have forgotten the people who elected them, and I want to bring practical, common-sense solutions and balance back to the legislature.

I’m a businesswoman, nonprofit director, wife and mom residing in Monterey County for over 40 years. I have spent 25 years as a family advocate and community leader. My public service has included classrooms, front rooms, boardrooms and courtrooms throughout our region.

Sacramento’s one-size-fits-all policies aren’t working.

I want to see Sacramento return to the important things, the things that make a difference, including:

  • whether businesses will decide to grow their operations here.
  • whether our children can afford to live in our state.
  • whether our communities are safe and strong.

California is known as one of the worst places in the nation to do business and categorically is ranked 49 out of 50 in cost of living. Coming out of a two-year pandemic, we should be focused on creating and maintaining a competitive business-friendly environment for business owners to expand and grow their businesses by reducing taxes, regulations and fees and increasing their workforce.

We will build more affordable housing by streamlining the process and removing the barriers holding back permitting and fees.

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California’s homeless population has continued to grow, and statewide, we are challenged to find effective solutions. California lacks a strategic plan — I would recommend the development of measurable goals, objectives and timelines. Mental illnesses, substance abuse and drug addiction are the primary drivers of homelessness today and must be addressed along with accountability and transparency of funding including that for transitional and permanent housing.

We also desperately need more water storage to support the increasing and needed housing demand.

As we move toward our goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and our carbon footprint, our energy supply and infrastructure need to be in place before we discontinue our current energy sources such as nuclear power and natural gas.

Public safety is a forefront issue. I’ll address the soft-on-crime policies, push to end no bail and hold violent offenders accountable.

Vicki Nohrden, State Assembly District 30 candidate
Credit: Via Vicki Nohrden

We have the fifth-largest economy in the world, yet Californians are facing skyrocketing inflation, the highest gas taxes, the highest poverty rate, low math and English scores, and unaffordable housing. Local farmers are concerned about fertilizer prices, their labor force, workplace housing and water to grow their crops.

People are frustrated and looking for leadership that listens.

I bring common-sense solutions and a willingness to work together as I did when I served two terms from 2013-16 on the Monterey County Civil Grand Jury overseeing claims of government corruption, accountability and management and as a CASA (court-appointed special advocate for children) in Monterey County from 2009-11.

I began my business career in real estate, and then my passion for restoring families led me to work as a youth director at the Presbyterian church in Carmel.

I’ll bring a fresh approach to politics with a fresh vision and sustainable goals.

My platform includes:

  • supporting small businesses and increasing affordable housing.
  • advocating for needed mental health services.
  • addressing soft on crime policies and restoring safety.
  • supporting parents’ rights to choose for their children.

I’m running to represent the people, not party politics as usual.

Let’s take the label off of politics.

Vicki Nohrden earned a master of ministries degree in 2006 from Shalom Bible College & Seminary, a self-study correspondence program accredited by the American Accrediting Association of Theological Institutions. Nohrden’s career experience includes working as a nonprofit director. Find her campaign website here.

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