Save Our Shores
Civic Group
Save Our Shores

Our mission is to steward Clean Shores, Healthy Habitats, and Living Waters to foster a thriving Monterey Bay and Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

Years of service: 40

Their story: From climate change to plastic pollution and wildlife disturbance to habitat degradation, a host of threats challenge the wellbeing of the Monterey Bay. Save Our Shores works to protect and conserve the precious local marine environment and address those threats. They inform and educate the public, foster the next generation of ocean stewards, promote smarter marine environmental policies, and motivate and catalyze citizen action on a daily basis.

Fundraising focus: There are the three pillars, the guiding principles Save Our Shores follows to ensure that our Monterey National Marine Sanctuary thrives now and for generations to come:

  1. Clean Shores - SOS is flipping the beach cleanup model on its head by focusing on education and outreach. Delivering K-12 marine science curriculum to local schools and creating bilingual materials to reach more audiences and engage our entire community, helping to foster knowledge of our local ecosystems and stewardship of the Monterey Bay. They are identifying key sources and locations of litter using data from their cleanups to target cleanup and advocacy efforts on localized issues and big polluter brands.
  2. Healthy Habitats - SOS is building collaborative relationships with local organizations to better understand coastal habitats and their needs, and leveraging those connections to help restore damaged or polluted habitats through restorative aquaculture. They are mobilizing volunteers and community members to work with organizations that specialize in coastal habitat surveying and restoration.
  3. Living Waters - SOS is educating and informing the community of the local impacts of climate change, and how they can be a part of the solution through our SOS Climate website and our Speaker Series event.
  4. Leadership
    Katherine O’Dea
    Executive Director

    As a nonprofit leader, conservationist, and sustainability expert, Katherine has tackled environmental challenges from coast to coast for the last 25 years. She has worked for environmental organizations including Business Social Responsibility, GreenBlue, and the Nantucket Conservation Foundation. Katherine is an expert on product and packaging sustainability and identifying pathways for abating plastic waste which comprises so much of the debris in our marine environments.