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Lookout’s Educator page was created for high school teachers to easily use local current events in their classrooms with the intention of students feeling more informed about and connected to their town and community. Download our free lesson plans via the links below.

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Educator Resource Alerts

A new weekly newsletter designed for local educators. In this email alert, we handpick several stories that we think will resonate with you and your students – especially those that may spur discussion, while also highlighting different resources, lesson plans and workshops. 

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Media Literacy Guide

In this world of media, whether television, online or social media, the ability to access and analyze information is essential to a healthy democracy. Media literacy will help students ultimately be able to create, reflect and take action, using the power of information and communication to make a difference in the world. Lookout’s media literacy lesson plan is a simple guide on top things to think about when reading information, as well as a vocabulary guide on how to read and interpret news stories.

Current Event Discussion Guide 

Lookout’s Current Event Discussion Guides provide reading comprehension and allows high school students to have conversations around a variety of topics that directly affect them and the place they live. Another aspect of the guides is to provide a way for students to think critically about how and what information they absorb, learning media literacy in the process of these discussions. Read the lesson plan and print or share the questions and choose from the list of current events below. 

LATEST NEWS we recommend for your classroom


Lookout’s News Quizzes are a great way to get students interested in local news in an easy and quick way. These quizzes test reading comprehension while getting students more informed on issues and happenings in the community.

Resource Library

Using local news to supplement your curriculum is a great way for lessons to connect directly to students’ lives. In Lookout’s resource library, you will find articles separated by topics. These can go along with themes of literature you are reading, or connect to larger conversations on climate change, civil rights, mental health and more. This library is updated frequently as we publish new content.

High School Resource Library

More resources:

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