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Boys, men and fathers can have a healthier social and emotional development that enriches their awareness, engagement, and connection

Their story: After moving to the U.S. from Ethiopia, Deutron Kebebew wound up living in California’s foster care system at the age of 14. That experience stuck with him, and after later earning his college degree in electrical engineering, Kebebew decided to start working with foster children. His work with foster youth at the Santa Cruz County Counseling Center and his involvement with PAPAS, a local organization that supports fathers, ultimately led him to found MENtors. Primary work includes holding group sessions to teach and support boys as they grow, to offering guidance, coaching and mentorship. MENtors also works to support fathers’ involvement and co-parenting.

Fundraising focus: Take the 100 MENtors who care Santa Cruz County pledge. “I pledge to use my voice and my life experience to drive sustainable change for boys, young men, men, and dads so that they and their families can thrive in our community”. Take the pledge here.

Deutron Kebebew
Founder and President

Deutron is a father, husband and a mentor to fathers, father-figures, and young people in our community. He has a strong passion and commitment to representing, supporting and working for children, youth, fathers and families.

As early as elementary school, boys confront messages about what it means to be a man that can produce “toxic masculinity”, leading them to suppress their emotions, deny their need for close friendships, objectify and degrade women, and resolve conflicts through violence. This also reinforced the cycle of absent fathers.