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Our intensely local Marketing Partners program offers businesses and organizations a strong commercial voice and platform to capture readers’ attention.

Presented alongside Lookout’s wide-ranging, editorial content, our suite of advertising and sponsorship opportunities create a distinctive new way to talk to our local, civic minded readers.

Increase your brand awareness and get your message delivered directly to engaged, community minded readers.

For more information on the products that your business can get involved with, fill out the form below or email us directly at

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Join the Shop Local Carousel

  • Using only a hashtag connect your social media accounts with Lookout’s automatically rotating Shop Local carousel
  • Feature your top deals, new product launches, events , weekly specials, sales, and more alongside other community-centered Santa Cruz County businesses.
  • The Shop Local carousel can be found below ALL articles and on Lookout’s homepage to maximize visibility

A dynamic feed of Lookout Santa Cruz’s most recent promoted content from Marketing Partners.

Lookout's Marketing Partners

Advertising FAQ

How do Marketing Partners interact with the newsroom?

Everyone is welcome to contact the newsroom with story ideas by emailing However, there is a strong line between our business team and the newsroom. Advertisers have no control over editorial decisions or content.

What are your advertising requirements or disclaimers?

It’s important that ad content accurately reflect the organization or person paying for the ads. All advertisement must be clearly labeled or branded in a way that shows ownership to a business or organization.

Any advertiser running ads about social issues, elections or politics must be clearly labeled and will not run against any election or opinion coverage.

What is promoted content?

Promoted content is paid advertising content written by Lookout Marketing Partners and edited by the Lookout Content Studio.