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Marketing Partnerships

Lookout Santa Cruz provides marketers with fresh approaches to reach highly engaged, valuable audiences. Digital-only and mobile-first, Lookout uniquely meets consumers and citizens where they are with primary and essential news and community information.

Our intensely local Marketing Partners program offers businesses and organizations a strong commercial voice, presented uniquely to capture readers’ attention. Presented alongside Lookout’s wide-ranging, newsy content, our suite of advertising and sponsorship opportunities create a distinctive new way to grow business.

Marketers love Lookout’s look — free of the chaos of competing, distracting, in-your-face ads. We provide tasteful availabilities that stand out from the crowd, making your messaging highly effective.

Marketing Partners enjoy a distinctive presence across Lookout, including:

• Exclusive sponsorships of Lookout content sections and articles, as well as homepage and email newsletter sponsorship.

• Memorable Promoted Content and advertising campaigns that dynamically express brands’ identity and thought leadership.

• Prominent brand presence guaranteed through scarcity-based, share-of-voice visibility; No competing for attention against noisy, distasteful ads!

• Dedicated Marketing Partner pages, showcasing the many dimensions of your brand.

• Robust measurement on the performance of all campaigns and programs.

• First call on placement in new Lookout products and solutions, such as Lookout Guides.

Lookout Santa Cruz’s Founding Marketing Partners are:

For more information on Lookout Marketing Partnerships, please contact: