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Market Research Project Manager

Presented by Evans Data Corporation
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(Evans Data Corporation)

LOCATION: Santa Cruz, CA

JOB TYPE: Full-time

ABOUT US: Evans Data Corp is the leading market research firmly focused exclusively on software development. We’ve been in business since 1998 and proudly serve the largest businesses in the software industry as well as many major investment firms and banks. Just as our client’s needs are cutting edge, so is the information we produce. We are currently looking for new team members to help us with this exciting mission.

JOB SUMMARY: As a Market Research Project Manager, you will manage market research projects focused on software development and provide insights.

  • Meet with clients to determine and understand objectives, design questionnaires, create charts and tables from survey data, process data, analyze results within the context of the software development industry, report on and present results, and manage projects.
  • Must be able to understand objectives of highly technical software clients, analyze data to address objectives and put together a coherent narrative explaining the implications of the results to the client.
  • Must also have a firm grasp of the software industry, who the major players are and what the industry trends are.

This is a great opportunity for a bright, ambitious, and energetic individual who wants to develop a career in the high tech sector, but also wants to work in Santa Cruz in a friendly and relaxed environment. If you are knowledgeable about software development, developer programs, or new and emerging trends in the software industry, and have applicable skills, this position is right for you.

Qualified candidates should have all of the following:

  • Strong aptitude for numbers and creative analytical and problem solving skills
  • Familiarity with R and data analysis
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Well honed presentation skills with the ability to inspire confidence
  • Skilled in major Microsoft Office applications
  • Keen attention to detail and producer of high quality work
  • Knowledge of statistics and quantitative research methodologies
  • Passion for technology and a solid understanding of the major players in the industry today along with the major tech shifts that are shaping the industry
  • Client service experience is preferable
  • Knowledge of SPSS is a definite plus Job is full-time permanent and located in Santa Cruz.

HOW TO APPLY: If interested, please send a resumé to