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Puzzle Solver

Presented by RoofScreen Mfg, Inc
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(RoofScreen Mfg, Inc)

ABOUT US: RoofScreen Mfg, Inc works with large and small architectural firms, construction companies and property owners all over the US to design and install projects on office buildings, retail, food industry, hospitals, educational and government facilities. Our products are on the roofs of companies like Apple, Google, UPS, Merck, Wendy’s, Wal-Mart, Wells Fargo, Verizon and many others.

JOB DESCRIPTION: RoofScreen Mfg, Inc is searching for bright, inquisitive, and motivated individuals who are looking for a good professional home in Santa Cruz. We have found that the most important characteristic or trait we look for when hiring for any position here is a person who wants intellectual challenges and feelings of accomplishment at the end of each day working.

We have positions in our accounting department as well as our estimating group. We have found that these positions can be filled with individuals who may have no real experience with the tasks but have the ability and willingness to learn.

RoofScreen employees tend to stick around because:

  • It is a cool place to work (all the frozen burritos you can eat and lots of friendly dogs to play with), a great office space
  • We enjoy the company of our colleagues and daily work hard to solve the puzzles we are presented with.

QUALIFICATIONS: The following competencies are baseline – if you have no confidence in these, positions at RoofScreen are likely not for you:

  • 21st century familiarity with digital environments. We all work on top-of-the line computers and if you know your way around this landscape you will be ok.
  • You must be comfortable with numbers and math. You don’t need a physics degree, but we can’t have folks who are afraid of logic or arithmetic.
  • Curiosity and a drive to learn. We work in the construction design world. There is a lot to learn, but over the course of a couple of decades, we have found that smart people who are good listeners can pick it up quickly.
  • A desire to live and work in Santa Cruz for a company that is creative, stable, and (sometimes) actually fun to work at.

HOW TO APPLY: If what we’ve described above appeals to you, send us a resume and all other relevant info to