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Government/Politics Correspondent

Government & Politics Correspondent

Lookout is looking for a correspondent that can explain the strange and occasionally rough-and-tumble world of Santa Cruz County politics. The successful candidate will have the ability to explain how the policies and decisions affect actual human beings. Too often, journalists write as though all people do from day-to-day is go to meetings and die in car crashes. We are different. We focus on the “so what?” not the “what.”

In addition to keeping an eye on the goings on at the city and county levels, this correspondent will also be responsible for looking after what’s happening in the court system.

If this sounds like you, send a resume and cover letter to that addresses the following:

  • Your experience in writing and producing multimedia journalism.
  • Why this beat interests you and how you would approach it.
  • Your knowledge of the area or, if you’re not local, how you would educate yourself.

Correspondents are full-time employees. We offer a highly competitive salary and benefits. As we are looking for people who are true voices of the community, the position is in-person and remote work is not being considered.

Experience & skills:

  • Rock-solid journalism judgment, intuition and taste.
  • A minimum of two years of professional (post-collegiate) experience
  • Experience and comfort with the pace of digital-first journalism, and the digital technologies that power it.
  • Ability to engage diverse local communities in Lookout’s work.
  • Ability to think through visuals that will aid storytelling and work with colleagues to activate them.
  • Demonstrated adaptability, especially with new topical coverage areas and communities.
  • Comfort learning new technology and experience working in content management systems, producing, editing and dressing stories with related media (photos, videos, etc).
  • Comfort with the format of Lookout’s correspondent-focused model, and the personality it brings to the work.
  • Desire to work in an entrepreneurial, fast-growth startup environment, embracing the agility and flexibility required to thrive within a new business.
  • Bilingual abilities are a plus.
  • Data reporting skills are a plus.
  • Audio/video experience is a plus.

The story forms:

Lookout firmly believes that only certain stories require the traditional narrative “story” treatment — especially in the digital era. And those are the important ones with critical human voices and touch points. The vast majority of stories are more consumable — particularly on mobile (where Lookout derives 70% of its traffic) — in other forms. Such as:

Explainers/101s: Here’s what you need to know about X and why

Q&As: This person’s voice is important enough that it stands on its own

FAQs: Great for explaining how things affect people or in situations where people are confused and want answers

By the numbers: Building a narrative surrounding the major numbers that stand out in a story.

Fact Check: People are buzzing about something; we ferret out some truth for them.

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