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Santa Cruz METRO unveils striking new wildlife buses as ‘One Ride at a Time’ campaign expands

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METRO PC One ride at a time
Jodi Frediani, an award-winning photographer and humpback whale researcher, poses next to her photo of a female orca that graces a Santa Cruz METRO bus.
(Santa Cruz METRO)

In an exciting development, the Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District (METRO) has revealed its latest initiative to bolster the renowned “One Ride at a Time” campaign. This endeavor aims to spotlight the environmental advantages of public transportation while safeguarding the natural wonders of Santa Cruz County.

We are delighted to welcome Jodi Frediani to the One Ride at a Time team. Her stature in the conservation community, as both a photographer and a researcher, demonstrates the significance of this campaign in the effort to protect our Monterey Bay.

— Santa Cruz METRO CEO/General Manager Michael Tree

Adding to the fleet of 15 photo-wrapped buses already traversing the region, METRO introduced a new wildlife-themed bus as part of its ongoing commitment to promoting eco-conscious transit choices.

This expansion also marks the inclusion of a new partner in the “One Ride at a Time” project—Jodi Frediani. Frediani, an accomplished photographer and humpback whale researcher, lends her remarkable talent to the campaign by featuring her image of a female orca on one of the buses.

METRO PC One ride at a time
By the end of 2023, METRO will have deployed nine ZEBs in the county, with plans for more in the coming years.
(Santa Cruz METRO)

For over three decades, Jodi Frediani has been a prominent environmental consultant and conservation advocate, dedicated to preserving California’s redwood forests and watersheds. She is also a co-editor of the Wild Monterey Bay storytelling project, which showcases personal narratives of individuals who have encountered remarkable wildlife in the Monterey Bay region.

Frediani now joins forces with renowned wildlife photographer Frans Lanting, who has been providing breathtaking images of the region’s flora and fauna. By the end of 2024, the campaign plans to feature these captivating images on approximately 30 wrapped buses traversing Santa Cruz County, highlighting the importance of marine life, such as whales and sea otters, alongside terrestrial wonders like mountain lions and redwoods.

I am pleased to be a member of the Santa Cruz METRO One Ride at a Time partnership, promoting environmentally sustainable bus transportation while supporting the conservation of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

— Jodi Frediani

METRO PC One ride at a time
(Santa Cruz METRO)

The featured image showcases Louise (CA104B), a well-known female of the species Orcinus Orca, also known as Bigg’s Transient Orca, captured during an expedition on Monterey Bay Whale Watch’s vessel, the Pt. Sur Clipper. Louise and her three offspring are frequent visitors to the Monterey Bay, making this image an apt representation of the local marine life.

The “One Ride at a Time” initiative encourages passengers to contribute to the conservation efforts by METRO. With each ride on a METRO bus, donations are made to METRO’s partners in environmental protection—the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Foundation and the Bay of Life Fund.

Furthermore, every METRO bus ride aids in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by taking cars off the road. METRO is also committed to transitioning its entire bus fleet to zero-emissions buses (ZEBs). By the end of 2023, METRO will have deployed nine ZEBs in the county, with plans for more in the coming years.

To learn more about METRO’s efforts to increase bus ridership and adopt eco-friendly transportation solutions, visit

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